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The DigRealDeep series continues anew with the 2014 volumes.
My apologies 4 the late start so I make up the time by picking up the pace...hope u brought your neck brace.

Deep House served hot here.

engineered by DeepJust
for GetOpen Sessions

1. Red Smoke - Ghost Culture
2. Down The Sky (Argy Remix) - Ryo Murakami
3. M-Theory - Pixel Music
4. Shout - Kuniyuki Takahashi
5. Revolution (We Are Kosha mix) - Kosha Roots
6. My Head Is A Jungle - Wankelmut feat Emma Louise
7. Voyage (Trinidadian Deep remix) - Trinidadian Deep
8. Limitless (Deep Journey Main mix) - Rancido
9. Into Your Story (Kai Alce's Distinctive Vocal mix) - Sandman & Riverside feat Jeremy Ellis
10. Illusional Life (Deep African Tech mix) - Xerophytic Soul
11. Thoughts Of You - Nicuri
12. Geek Chic (Kuniyuki's Journey Remix) - Lord Of The Isles
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Unreleased preview fresh for 2014 post resolution...
I resolve 2 dig deeper.


Something cool for a hot afternoon.
Rediscovered this one recetntly.  It was done in 2008 for Urban Sanctuary and their Collective Consciousness series.  A nice n smooth eclective movement of music.



Coming soon in digital format on Ocha Records!!
DeepJust delivers another melodic ancestral dance floor mover featuring Hilda Herrera!

Enjoy this preview as well as a sample of A Swe' A also by DeepJust & Hilda featuring Jason Bacilio on percussion! 

featured cover art credit to Richard "Earthman" Laurent 


A preview of the next idea...


from the archives.
this goes out 2 my TSC / GetOpen Sessions brethren!!!

anyone from the Choice days will remember that long alphabet city walk to the 2nd Ave 'F' train station on a cold morning after sweating all night with nothing but an MC jacket & combat boots on. LOL...what the hell...but damn...miss those days.  Miss the Choice.


The 1st 80 minutes of DJ AQuaBeaT's set for NightLife from 12.04.12 at Lox Lounge in BKNY.  featuring deep house gems by Fred P.  DJ Qu and more.  Biggups to Jefree Gasoullean Cruz on his born day!  Many thanks to Julia & Sekou 4 having me on....looking forward 2 makin' this happen again!  



Basen An Fon remixed by DJ AQuaBeaT for GetOpen Sessions

DeepJust AQuaBeaT vs. Boukman Eksperyans


Jamie Foxx's sultry ballad remixed for GetOpen Sessions by DeepJust.


On the heels of a very successful GetOpen Session at the Coney Island boardwalk, I made my way 2 Boston 2 play UTIOPIA SUNDAY with my fellow countryman, DJ Bruno for an all night set across the spectrum of deep house!

I'm sorry about the sound quality on the bass end...IT'S NOT YOUR's the recording.
Like i said, it ain't the best but u definitely get the message i was sending and journey i was taking u on.

Thanks again Boston!
I love y'all!!

DJ AQuaBeaT 

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